Deaths in Italy exceed the death rate

The Italian government reported that during March and April there was a surplus of 46,909 deaths compared to the country’s normal death rate, according to a new report that believes most could be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Italian social security and welfare agency (INPS) concluded that the official death rate from Covid-19 reported by the civil protection department “is not very reliable” given that it only includes those people who tested positive for coronavirus, leaving It was those who died in their homes or in homes for older adults without having undergone a screening test.

By the end of April, the official Covid-19 death count was 27,938. However, the INPS stated that the excess of deaths at that point had reached 46,909 and most of the 18,971 deaths that represented the difference could be attributed to the pandemic.

The agency reached that conclusion, stressing that the five provinces of Lombardy with the most surplus deaths were the same five provinces most affected by the virus. Furthermore, the majority of these excess deaths were recorded among the elderly, who represent the largest number of Covid-19 victims.

Italy was the first country in the West to be hit by the virus and its official figure is only lower than that of the United States and Great Britain.

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