Top 10 Social Business Tips From IBM’s Sandy Carter

December 6, 2011 Comments
Top 10 Social Business Tips From IBM’s Sandy Carter

In the below video, Sandy Carter quickly discusses ten tips for social business. While these Coffee Break videos are fairly short and notably simplified, they are good lessons for all enterprise professionals looking to change and evolve their business.

  1. Culture eats strategy for lunch: basically, culture and change management is the foundation of true social business transformation
  2. Create a digital council: many companies refer to this as a “Center of Excellence” which is responsible for technology enablement, best practices and activating other business units and groups
  3. Trust plan and friend plan: the top 15% that influence everyone else (internally & externally) and develop trust with through expertise, thought leadership, responsiveness, listening and consistency in communication
  4. Exceptional engagement experiences (external): encourage constituents to come back over and over; could be a mobile experience, communities, virtual gifting, etc
  5. Hire a community manager: essential to serve as a community advocates
  6. Embed social into business process: to fully adapt into a social business organizations need to foster social behaviors, thinking and technology into the fabric of the company i.e. customer service, HR, marketing, operations
  7. Create a brand army: also known as advocates that speak on the brand’s behalf, passionate customers
  8. Hire A reputation manager: this person would be responsible for protecting the reputation of the brand online; but could also be the community manager
  9. Analytics is the new black: ensuring that the entire organization is listening and engaging but more importantly, measuring social media consistently
  10. Create a social business agenda: create an integrated plan to be more competitive and have a measurable ROE (return on everything) an organizations does socially

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