The Emergence Of The Social Business Council

February 21, 2012 Comments
The Emergence Of The Social Business Council

With the emergence of social media over the last 5 – 6 years and the impact that its having on business, government, society and all of the above, it’s no wonder that many organizations are forming “councils” to help manage the chaos internally. In the below video, Sandy Carter from IBM, discusses the role of “digital councils” in the organization.  She explains that they are usually made up from people from cross organizational areas like marketing, sales, Human Resources, IT, Legal and customer support. Their role is to maintain governance across the organization, enabling & training employees to engage within social media, create standards for participation (social media policies), establish a measurement framework, brand reputation and risk management, establishing a content framework and community management principles and guidelines.

This is not really a new concept. Intel formed their Social Media Center of Excellence in 2008.

Petra Neiger, from Cisco Systems recently published a blog post outlining the work they have done in a report published by Frost & Sullivan.  The report titled, Operationalizing a B-to-B Social Media Center Of Excellence, goes into very specific detail on the roles & responsibilities of Cisco’s Social Media Center of Excellence – from evaluating the social landscape, to establishing a centralized team and then finally the operational plan. One of the key points to mention here is that Cisco’s Center Of Excellence team is a part of the organizational structure with several full time team members working to support the business. From my experience, this model seems to work more effectively since team members are not only held accountable to the rest of the organization but they are also fully vested to drive change within the groups they support.

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