The Connection Between Employment Brand and Employee Engagement [Infographic]

July 3, 2012 Comments
The Connection Between Employment Brand and Employee Engagement [Infographic]

Do you want to make your brand resonate with your employees? Most companies start by using their recognition program to reinforce and explain the desired values and behaviors. But if you want to make those values come alive—–go deeper.

The reality is that employee behavior is a big reflection of your business. It speaks volumes about the authenticity of your value proposition. If employees don’t understand or don’t believe in what your company says it stands for, why should your customers? Give your employees a reason to live the brand and your organization will thrive in the marketplace.

“Engaged employees who successfully represent the company brand provide a competitive advantage and impact the bottom line – a crucial benefit in today’s competitive global business environment” according to Mike Ryan of Madison Performance Group, a global web-based workforce recognition and employee incentives solution provider. Motivated employees are more productive and creative and recognition programs help keep them engaged and positive about their professional contributions to the organizations. Fostering brand ambassadors through workforce recognition leads to higher employee engagement rates and can positively impact a company’s income and overall market valuation.

Check out Madison’s infographic illustrating the bottom line impacts that employees who are brand ambassadors deliver to their employer organizations.

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