[STUDY] Companies Have An Average of 178 Business Related Social Media Accounts

January 5, 2012 Comments
[STUDY] Companies Have An Average of 178 Business Related Social Media Accounts

Just today, Altimeter released a study, “A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation.” At a very high level, the report describes the current state of social media tools, accounts and channels being managed (and in many cases, not managed) within the enterprise.

One interesting data point is that companies have (on average) 178 social media business related accounts and/or channels; not including employee managed accounts. What’s even more disturbing is that many of the employees who manage these accounts do not have an accurate inventory of each channel. This is a natural result of an organization with little to no governance; and in some cases a “land grab” for social media ownership.  Not only is this a nightmare from a coordination and management perspective internally but it’s surely causing confusion for social customers externally when they are looking for relevant information online.

Here is a breakdown of specific social media channels and average accounts:

Other interesting findings from the Altimeter Study include:

  • While 70% of respondents said that their social media programs map to overall business objectives; only 43% of them have a documented plan of record
  • Only 26% of respondents offer social media training and educational services to employees

Here is the full report for you to read, download, embed, print and share:

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