Spredfast Helps Companies Bring the Voice of the Customer to Social

February 1, 2013 Comments
Spredfast Helps Companies Bring the Voice of the Customer to Social

Bazaarvoice has helped brands harness the power of consumer ratings and reviews since 2005 supporting over 30% of the world’s greatest brands like Best Buy, The Home Depot, Geico, Samsung, Walmart, and Brooks Brothers. Bazaarvoice helps these brands use trusted opinions from real product owners to help influence purchasing decisions.  Spredfast helps many of those same brands build their social presence by sharing compelling content and engaging with consumers across social channels. Combine the two and you get a simple way to share a brand’s most powerful endorsements.

Just how important are authentic reviews for online purchases? 70% of Americans look at reviews before making a purchase decision (Google,”Zero Moment of Truth“).  Consumer reviews are 12x more trusted than brand-generated marketing messages (eMarketer, February 2010).  We also know that social fans and followers are a brand’s best customers.  (Forrester, “The Facebook Factor“).  So, reviews drive sales and engaged consumers drive social reach. Until now, though, these two were not easily connected.

How to Amplify Reviews on Social

Spredfast’s new Bazaarvoice integration helps joint customers quickly identify their best reviews, and then amplify them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  This lets hundreds, thousands, or millions of fans read and share authentic reviews with their networks.  These review posts also drive potential consumers to their site or online point of sale.

Let’s say I’m the social media manager of an online retailer that sells cameras, and a five star review appears in my Spredfast Social Inbox.  With just a few clicks I can amplify that review across my social channels.  In a matter of seconds, I’ve let a very happy customer tell millions of people how much they love their new Nikon camera.  I’ve also provided my social audience with a direct link back to my website where they can purchase the camera, read more reviews, or find related products.

Spredfast’s new Bazaarvoice integration allows customers to:

  • Monitor of Ratings and Reviews: Pull ratings and reviews directly into the Spredfast Social Inbox.  Build custom search streams to focus on specific products, ratings, and review feedback.
  • Amplify Content Across Social Channels: Easily incorporate authentic reviews into social programs.  Spredfast publishes amplified posts with key components of the review, including product, location, rating, and a link to the product page.  Customers can customize and target an amplified review to increase the likelihood of engagement on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Measure Engagement: Analyze engagement to measure shares, likes, comments, and clicks on your amplified reviews.  Take advantage of comparative analytics to Identify trends, new target audiences, and demand for additional reviews.

Amplifying reviews using Spredfast helps businesses identify valuable interactions with their customers, and then makes it easy to share those interactions with potential buyers. Enhanced targeting capabilities on Facebook and LinkedIn, let brands segment their social audiences according to gender, age, professional experience, or location, and then amplify reviews for products that they are most likely to purchase.

Key Takeaways

Every brand team responsible for social strives to find the content that their audiences will find most compelling. For followers of a company’s brand on social, what could be more compelling than top reviews of key products? The challenge for many of these teams is getting access to this information and making it easily shareable on social.   However, Bazaarvoice introduces an entirely new opportunity for Spredfast users, where a brand’s happy customers write the content that is proven to engage consumers and drive sales.

This new integration gives brands an easy way to make satisfied customers a central part of their social strategy.  Now every 4 or 5 star review is an opportunity to win new customers and drive sales for popular products.   Are you making the most of the opportunity to turn happy customers into social salespeople?

Guest post by Shoma Sarkar Thomas – Shoma is the Product Marketing Manager at Spredfast, a social media management system for enterprise companies and agencies.  She focuses on finding innovative ways to help brands achieve measurable social business results.  She tweets at @shoma617 and writes about the platform and social network innovation on the Spredfast Social Business blog.

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