Social Business Report: Even Better Social Business Content From Last Week

February 12, 2012 Comments
Social Business Report: Even Better Social Business Content From Last Week

Here is a quick recap of posts from Social Business News and from around the web from some of our favorite authors and blogs. You can view previous posts here from our weekly social business report.

Social Media Week Shines a Light on Social Business – Guest post from Ethan McCarty who discusses the shift to social business. He will also be speaking at Social Media Week in New York.

A New Trend: Legal Firms Turning Social Media Into A New Practice – In this post, I discuss the growing trend of legal firms offering social media consulting services to their clients.

Employers Invading Social Media Privacy – Nisha discusses how there is a lack of trust between organizational management and employees.

Is It Finally Time for Social HR? – Gautam definitely makes the case for human resources managers and leaders to socialize their business operations, technologies and processes.

When Two Worlds Collide: Social Media vs SEO – Mirza highlights the ongoing battle between social media initiatives and search engine optimization.

From Around The Web

Modeling Enterprise Social Business Processes – Rawn Shah from IBM

The 5 Best Social Business Articles From Last Week – Mark Fidelman

Social Business: What’s An Introvert To Do? – Debra Donston-Miller

4 Things to Consider About Social Business – Francine Hardaway

Social Media Week: The Shift To Social Business – Michael Brito


This week the digerati and the everyday netizen alike will look up for a moment from their laptops and smart ...