Social Business Report: 7 Posts You Can’t Miss – Jan 8

January 7, 2012 Comments
Social Business Report: 7 Posts You Can’t Miss – Jan 8

In case you were busy getting back into the groove of things this last week, here is what you missed from Social Business News and from around the web from some of our favorite authors and blogs:

Leadership and Navigating the Sea Of Change: In this post, Avery Block talks about change in business and also provides some excellent tips for business leaders on how to lead and manage change.

What Are The Core Principles of Collaboration?: In this post, Adi Gaskell provides 6 key principles of successful enterprise collaboration – participation, collective, transparency, Independence, persistence and emergence.

Lessons from IBM: 4 Barriers To Social Business Adoption: This post showcased a video featuring Sandy Carter from IBM, where she provides 4 barriers that inhibit social business transformation – security, adoption, culture and compliance.

76% of Companies Do Not Have a Social Media Policy: Maddie Grant references a study from Grant Thornton that gives some quite shocking figures about social governance in the enterprise. She also provides some great resources for companies to get their guidelines in place.

Hospitals: Prescribe Social Media Policies and Training to Your Staff! Attorney Glen Gilmore gives some practical policy & compliance advice to companies in the medical field.

[STUDY] Companies Have An Average of 178 Business Related Social Media Accounts: This post highlights a recent Altimeter Study that showed that many large companies are still struggling with governance internally as it relates to social media management and training.

They Are Watching You. Competitive Intelligence And Social Media: In this post, Billy Cripe references a McKinsey Global study that found that companies are increasing their use of social business practices; and makes the case for organizations to use competitive intelligence to gain a competitive advantage.

From Around The Web

Engaged Employees Love Their Work, but Love Their Lives Even More by Elizabeth Lupfer from The Social Workplace

News Analysis: Lithium Technologies Adds $53M in Financing on Forbes by Ray Wang

Applying Social Business to Sales from CMS Wire

4 Blinks on What is A Social Business? by Haydn Shaughnessy on Forbes

Social Media For The Enterprise: A CEO’s Best Friend on Forbes by Tom Kelly, CEO of Moxie Software

10 Enterprise Social Networking Obstacles by David F. Carr from Information Week’s “The Brainyard”

IBM Eats Its Own Dog Food by Debra Donston-Miller on Information Week’s “The Brainyard”

R.I.P Personal Branding by Olivier Blanchard

The Rise Of The Social Business Expert by me, Michael Brito

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