Social Business Insights: News, Content And Blogs Aggregated and Curated

March 5, 2012 Comments
Social Business Insights: News, Content And Blogs Aggregated and Curated

Here is a quick recap of posts from Social Business News and from around the web from some of our favorite authors and blogs. You can view previous posts here from our weekly social business report.

How To Build A Networked Organization: Once again, Adi Gaskell shares his knowledge about how to create an organization that is open, transparent and high performing.

The Talent Requirement – Getting Beneath The Advice: Billy Cripe discuses “shared value” within the organization and highlights Gartner study on social business.

The Challenges Of Social Networking Adoption In The Enterprise: Gautam Ghosh discusses the obstacles of social business adoption, explaining the first initiative to focus on is culture.

The Boring Yet Most Important Attribute of Social Business – Process Design: Michelle Kostya discusses explains that social business process is very much the infrastructure of all initiatives, even though it’s not the most sexy.

Early Indicators: The Rise of the CIO of Marketing:  Dion Hinchcliffe discusses the trend of marketing organizations acquiring their own IT capabilities and its impact within the organization.

And here are some fantastic blog posts from some of our favorite blogs and authors:

Lauren Vargas of Aetna: Becoming A Social Organization: Interview with Lauren Vargas of Aetna (previously Radian6) dicusses the key attributes to becoming a social business.

Why Social Business Will Fail (And How to Save It): Haydn Shaughnessy from Forbes discusses that shared value among employees, partners, employees is imperitive to social business success.

Social Business Councils, Other Ways to Create a Social Culture: Marissa Peacock from CMS Wire discusses why governance is needed to drive cultural change, change behavior and created a common vision within the organization.

Humanize Yourself First, Then Humanize Your Business: In this post I discuss that business leaders must first change their own behaviors if they expect to the organization.

Getting Started With Social Business: Making Proper Investments: Hyoun Park from CMS Wire highlights the importance for organizations to make the right social business technology investments.

The Role of Social in Innovation Strategy: Harun Asad  from SAP reminds us that social is more than just about marketing and can be used for idea management, innovation and much more.

Social Business is About Evolution, Not Revolution: Chelsi Nakano from CMS Wire breaks down the week in social business and starts it off with an amazing quote from Olivier Blanchard, “Social is something you are, not something you do.”

Weaving The Social Layer Across Your Organization: David Armano highlights the need for organizations to weave social behaviors in everything they do in order to tear down organization silos.

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