Social Business Insights: News And Content Aggregated and Curated

February 25, 2012 Comments
Social Business Insights: News And Content Aggregated and Curated

Here is a quick recap of posts from Social Business News and from around the web from some of our favorite authors and blogs. You can view previous posts here from our weekly social business report.

The Emergence Of The Social Business Council: In this post, I showcase a video from Sandy Carter from IBM talking about “Digital Councils”; and also discuss Cisco’s Center Of Excellence. Give it a read, it’s pretty darn good.

Evolving the Role of the Community Manager: In this post, Amber from Text 100 talks about the evolution of the community manager and their “new” roles and responsibilities. It’s her first post on the site and it’s a damn good one. Now go and show her some love and share it.

Expanding Social Business Globally: A Regionalized Approach To Social Media: In this post, Mirza gives key insights on what brands must think about before expanding their social media operations globally. Oh, he also like the weakest superhero known to man.

The Interest Requirement For Social Business – Getting Beneath The Advice: Really good read from Billy Cripe talking about social business goodness. He’s an excellent writer.

And here are some fantastic blog posts from some of our favorite blogs and authors:

CMS Wire: What Matters in Social Business: In this post, Peter Kim from Dachis discusses what truly matters when it comes to adopting social business principles in the organization – the drivers, the opportunities and the challenges. Good stuff as usual “comin’ straight outta Austin.”

B2B Community: The Rise of Social Business is Broader than Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ Combined: In this post, Cheryl Burgess gives a comprehensive definition of social business, why it’s important to organizations and she also defines the social brand. Sounds a lot like what I write about in my book. Glad to know someone else thinks a long the same lines as I do.

Altimeter Group: Making The Business Case For Enterprise Social Networks: Charlene Li from Altimeter delivers an extreme amount of goodness in this recently released report on Enterprise Social Networks (Slideshare). As an ex-enterprise marketer, I can get with this.

The Shift Away From Social CRM To Social Business To Maybe Just ‘Business’: In this post, I make the case that we shift from social CRM, to social business and finally just to business. It’s time to evolve and stop having silo’d conversations in the enterprise.

Social Business Visuals from Armano: David Armano’s Pinterest Board. Nuff’ said.

TD Bank and Social Business! Revolutionizing the World with 5 Lessons!
: Sandy Carter from IBM gives a real quick case study on TD Bank and then gives 5 lessons to think about when deploying social business. Sandy is awesome and we talk about her a lot here.

Q&A: Ogilvy’s John Bell on the future of social business: In an interview by eConsultancy, John Bell from Ogilvy discusses the launch of ‘Social@Ogilvy’ as well as some of the organizational changes and service offerings of the firm.

The Role of the Agency in Social Business: Marjorie Clayman discusses the agency’s role in helping brands adopt social business principles. One thing I would add is that true social business transformation has to come from within; and unless there is a commitment to change internally, an agency will most likely fail.


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