Social Business Does Not Mean That A Brand Has To Be Omnipresent

December 4, 2011 Comments
Social Business Does Not Mean That A Brand Has To Be Omnipresent

I have a confession to make. I have not created a Google+ page.  Yet.  For business or pleasure. In unison, you all ask why. My response is simple, if not somewhat wishfully philosophic. I, nor a brand for that matter, can be omnipresent. At least not without the experience that derives from repeated practice and gruesome dedication. In addition to a holistic understanding of community building and the art of fostering engagement.  (Trust me- it’s easier said than done.)

I do not particularly want to single out and pick on Google+ like the redheaded stepchild, but it happens to be the latest Buzz (fun play on failed words). My food for thought is not aimed at deterring one from creating a Google+ page, but rather to consider perfecting what we are currently doing with our social strategy now before we take on more.  Yes, circles rock.  SEO capabilities could prove extremely valuable.  However, is it worth potentially alienating an already harvested community for the thrills of the latest and greatest?  Are we allowing ourselves to fall victim to the latest trend?

Recently, a wise one said to me, “You can’t walk before you crawl.”  Makes sense, right?  Applied to our social strategies, why do we so often gravitate to “next” when we have yet to master the current?  The social space is constantly evolving, birthing more and more opportunities for individuals and brands to connect, engage and push their content; but, are we running the risk of diluted conversation?  Is the message being spread too thin?

To have impact in the social world, we do not have to be in all places at once.  Early adopters achieve the perk of saying they were there first, but what else?  It’s imperative we perfect the now before we move forward.  Let others learn for you, and then learn from them.

So, how do we get good at now?

Know Your Audience

Social Media platforms are not “one size fits all”.  Demographics vary and in order for a strategy to be successful, you have to know who your target audience is. Then, go where they are.  Simply put.  Alleviate yourself of the pressure and engage with your customers and fans where they are now– that’s the key.

Uncover Your Ears

Listen. Then listen some more.  Trying to navigate the social media channels without listening is like hiking in the woods without a compass.  Your community will guide you.  Trust them.

Don’t Abandon Ship For The Sake Of Cool

No one wants to revisit high school. There is no reason to compromise yourself or your brand’s online reputation because “all the cool kids are doing it”.  Go at your own pace.  Realistically speaking, you are already utilizing Social Media so really, you are ahead of the game.  Partake in what makes sense for you or your brand.  Don’t be something you are not.

Be Prepared to Scale

Before you jump in head first to Google+, it’s important to ensure you have a plan in place. Content, community management, moderation, measurement are all areas that need to be considered before launching into another social platform.

Remember, It’s About Quality, Not Quantity

We have all heard it- content is king and there are no truer words.  Focus on providing interesting, relevant content and let your community take it viral.  Make them want to engage with you and ensure it is worth their while.  It’s not about how many platforms you can spread your message across; it’s about sharing a message that’s worth spreading.

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