Smart Social Business Initiatives Can Enable Human Resource Management

February 3, 2012 Comments
Smart Social Business Initiatives Can Enable Human Resource Management

In the following video, Sandy Carter, Vice President of Social Business at IBM talks about social business and how it can enable Human Resources. She highlights 3 different use cases:

Recruiting and Talent Management: Most of fortune 100 companies use external social tools like Facebook and LinkedIn for recruiting new talent.

Morale and Sentiment of Employees: Some companies are using social analytics to extract the sentiment within internal communities. This informs senior management within the HR organization to understand the cores issues that employees are discussing i.e. what’s going well, what’s going not so well.

Social Collaboration and Resource Sharing: Many HR departments are responsible for resource sharing and working across boundaries and silos; and are now leveraging social intranets to search for experts and information.

Sandy goes on to cite a recent survey by Mckinsey that found that if HR adds social capabilities into their processes there will be a 30% increase in the speed of finding the right expert, and potentially a 10% decrease in cost in finding that expertise within the organization.

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