Last Week In Social Business

April 17, 2012 Comments
Last Week In Social Business

Yet, this was another great week for social business thought leadership with insights about social business leadership, corporate psychology, book reviews as well as a few lists to practice for your organization.You can view previous posts here from our weekly social business report.

Shifting from Social Media to Social Business Thinking: Mike Stopforth, the CEO of Cerebra, a strategic communications agency specializing in social media and PR for corporate brands gives us his insight on transforming into a social business, reminding us that social media is not about the tools, but the people.

4 Ways to Use Twitter for Customer Service: Leo Widrich (@leowid), co-founder of Buffer shares his list of 4 great ways to use twitter as a tool to provide support for your customers.

Corporate Psychology 101: A Key to Social Business Success: Mirza Baig, a social media practice leader for IT World Canada explains why he’s thankful he took up a minor in psychology in college, and how it plays a role in change management in today’s business world.

How Social Business Leaders Lead: Working Transparently: Rawn Shah, a social business strategist at IBM, as well as a contributor of Forbes goes beyond the buzzword “transparent” and shares his insight on leadership.

Why Intranet Governance is Overrated: It’s Really About Change Management: Andrew Wright, founder of the Worldwide Intranet Challenge provides tips on governance and gives his own insight about change management.

Warning: Not Having An Online Community Is Costing You Money: Adi Gaskell, who specializes in community cultivation and using social media to create social organizations explains the importance and value of community to a business.

You Can Lead A Fish To Water: Jeremy Woolf  has worked in public relations and marketing in Asia Pacific for more than 18 years. He shares his story about his experience and involvement in training senior salespeople on how to build their social media profiles.

5 Tips for a Truly Social Business: Toby Ward, the founder and CEO of Prescient Digital Media gives 5 crucial tips to serve as benchmarks when evaluating your social organization.

10 Leading Books On Social Business: Dion Hinchcliffe, EVP at Dachis Group lists the top 10 books in social business.

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