IBM Releases Enterprise Collaboration Apps for Tablets

December 7, 2011 Comments
IBM Releases Enterprise Collaboration Apps for Tablets

The foundation for social business transformation is change.  The way employees collaborate with each other in a complex work environment determines how successful this change can happen or not.  When an organization and its employees refuse to change and continue to work independently and in silos, innovation will remain still and competition will take over.

While the fundamentals of change involves human behavior, many times it’s the technology that helps drive it more rapidly.

One vendor that continues to innovate in the social business space is IBM. Just yesterday they revealed seven new social networking and collaboration mobile applications specifically designed to address enterprise-class requirements. This is obviously a smart business move given their recent study which revealed that 73% of business leaders allow mobile devices or tablets to connect to their corporate networks.

The apps allow for employees to collaborate, share data, images and conduct meetings easily, more securely as part of their everyday job experience.   Here are a few of their features:

  • Social networking for iPad
  • Attend Online Meetings
  • Instant messaging
  • Access business documents
  • Make Phone Calls
  • Access to mail and calendar

Well done IBM, well done.

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