Happy Holidays! Social Business News Is On Vacation

December 25, 2011 Comments
Happy Holidays! Social Business News Is On Vacation

That’s right, we are on vacation this week but will be back in full force the first week of January. In the meantime, we wanted to leave you with some reading that will tide you over for the next week or so. Enjoy.

Four Mega Trends in Social Media and Social Business from Forbes

In this post, Haydn Shaughnessy writes about four trends he sees in the social space (1) The growth of the transmitter ecosystem (2) The age of global (3) Social media vertical and local (4) The emergence of brand driven social media.

How To Become A Social Organization from Forbes

Dan Schawbel, personal branding expert, interviews Vice President of Gartner Research Anthony Bradley about the social organization. My favorite quote from Anthony is “Social media enables mass collaboration. That is the unique power it brings. Never before have hundreds, hundreds of thousands, even millions of people been able to effectively create content, share experiences, build relationships and engage in other forms of productive work to achieve otherwise impossible results.”

Social Business Predictions for 2012 from Dachis Group

In this post, Dion Hinchcliffe, offers his expert insight and gives 12 predictions for 2012. Most notably are my top three (1) Social business becomes less art, and more science (2) Social business budgets go up another level and (3) The social business unit/center of excellence phenomenon continues. Look out for Dion and Peter Kim’s book coming in 2012 “Social Business By Design.”

10 Bold Tech Predictions For 2012 from Fast Company

David Lavenda, Vice President, harmon.ie gives 10 bold predictions as we embark into 2012. Of the 10, my top three predictions are (1) Social business will take off in 2012, but companies will struggle to adopt (2) Mobile IT will grow slowly in the enterprise and (3) Consolidation in the social business/enterprise collaboration market.

Predictions for Social Media and Social Business in 2012 by Augie Ray

Augie Ray, former Forrester analyst, gives us his perspective on what’s to come in 2012. Many predictions with other overlap but I like what Augie shares specifically (1) Social Business gets serious (2) Brands get more control in Facebook and (2) The fans/followers arms race ends.

IBM Social Business Predictions from IBM

IBM’s Alistair Rennie, GM of Social Business, has three predictions for what we can expect to see in social in 2012 – (1) Social Analytics (2) and (3) Community Managers Rule. These predictions came from a 2011 AIIM survey which also reported that over 50% of organizations now consider social business to be imperative or significant to their business goals.

Video Interview: The Hierarchy of Social Business Maturity by Jeremiah Owyang

In this video interview, Jeremiah discusses the highlights from Altimeter’s latest report, and also discusses the Corporate Social Strategist, the leader of the social program on the business side within corporations.

Top 10 Social Business Tips from IBM’s Sandy Carter

In this video, Sandy Carter quickly discusses ten tips for social business. While these Coffee Break videos are fairly short and notably simplified, they are good lessons for all enterprise professionals looking to change and evolve their business. My top three are (1) Culture eats strategy for lunch (2) Embed social into business process and (3) Create a digital council.

Social Business In 2012: Enter The Water Dragon by Venkatesh Rao

Although Venkatesh hopes the term “social business” bites the dust in 2012, he gives some excellent insights in this post, specifically that companies need to start making “Well-Researched Decisions” and that anecdotes are no longer acceptable.

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