Finding Friends At Work – The Role Of Social Business

November 29, 2011 Comments
Finding Friends At Work – The Role Of Social Business

On the Social Enterprise Today, Jacob Morgan posted about how every organization needs an Employee Engagement score the same way it tracks a Net Promoter Score for customers.

Well there are hundreds of companies that use a standard questionnaire to measure their Employee Engagement score against their peers in the industry across a geography or across the world. That instrument is called the Gallup Q12.

As this blog post explains:

… the Q12 is composed of just 12 questions and each of them is rated on a five-point scale and is one of the following four categories:

  • Basic Needs – two questions
  • Management Support – four questions
  • Teamwork – four questions
  • Growth – two questions

Most of the responses to these questions are actionable – except for one which has foxed HR and business leaders – that’s the question “I have a best friend at work”. Organizations can give tools, provide development to supervisors, showcase career paths and career development opportunities , but how do you ensure an employee has a best friend at work? Company bosses and teams are like family, you don’t have a choice about them 😀

Until Now.

Having an internal social network and activity streams are great ways to build serendipitous connections between employees and tracking changes to work documents and making systems of record more engaging – but my personal experiences have been in finding my own “best friends at work” in communities of practice. When employees who are working in different business units, functions or geographies connect over a shared passion (in my case it was Knowledge Management) they can build connections that share best practices and aids information flows that would never have been possible. In fact, I have kept in touch with my “work best friends” even though I have never met them face to face (two are based in the US and one in France) – even after I have lost touch with my immediate team from 2003.

So are you enabling your employees to make friends at work?

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