Don’t Kill Your Business With Social Media Distraction

January 25, 2012 Comments
Don’t Kill Your Business With Social Media Distraction

Each day, more than 15 people are killed and more than 1,200 people are injured in car accidents that involve a distracted driver. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) there are 3 reasons that drivers become distracted.

  • Visual Distraction: They take their eyes off the road.
  • Manual Distraction: They take their hands off the wheel
  • Cognitive Distraction: They take their minds off driving

How many sales are lost and businesses killed because organizations and those driving social business initiatives are socially distracted? I am sure that the numbers are staggering! What is it that kills businesses socially? In addition to businesses being distracted visually, manually, and cognitively, many businesses still do not know what direction they need to be traveling and get distracted by where other drivers turn. So let me explain how businesses get distracted and thus run the risk or injuring or worse yet killing their businesses.

Visual Distraction: Taking their eye off the road visually distracts businesses. They do this by failing to keep their attention fixed on the needs of their social customer throughout the social life-cycle. This happens for two reasons. They are having the wrong conversation with the wrong people.

Manual Distraction: Sorry folks, you cannot put consumer engagement on autopilot or cruise control. You must keep your hands on the wheel. I am not saying that you should not use automation tools. They have their place and can actually help you to stay focused when used properly. What I am saying is that you need actively maintain content calendar that is based what is current and relevant. In addition you need to be consistent in your engagement activities.

Cognitive Distraction: We all know that the cause of most distraction for drivers is the cell phone. Let’s face we are all horrible multitaskers. With all the cute little babies and puppies that get shared throughout the day it is to get distracted.  It is easy to start thinking about “how to create a viral video” for my company when we should be thinking about how to meet the consumer’s need. It is easy to start think how do I get 50,000 likes when all you really need is 10 key accounts.

Direction Distraction: By far, the biggest reason for distraction is a lack of clear direction on where you need to go as a social business.  By not having this direction it is easy to become visually, manually, and cognitively distracted. Imagine driving on a busy highway and you see a lot of drivers getting off at the next exit. Are you going to get off at that exit just because you see other getting off there? Of course not! They may not be going to the same place that you are going. Without an understanding of where you are going and a map to guide you on the way you well never reach your destination on time.

Preventing Social Distractions

The way to prevent killing your business is to avoid social distraction through the use of a Social Strategy Map. A Social Strategy Map is a framework that helps your organization to create a social business strategy that maintains a laser focus on the objectives that matter most to your business. In addition it helps to creating organizational alignment and a cross-functional understanding of what is required to meet your business objectives. A Social Strategy Map focuses on 5 perspectives:

  1. Financial: What are the financial objective of your organization
  2. People: Who are the people that directly impact your financial objectives
  3. Conversation: What conversation do you need to have with the people who impact your financial objective
  4. Platforms: What platforms do you need to utilize to have your identified conversations
  5. Internal: What training, processes, tools are required internal to support your social business strategy,

All 50 States have some form of a “Distracted Driver” law because the results are deadly. While you may not end up in jail because of a social media hit and run. Don’t be surprised when consumers put you on probation or lobby to have you put on social death row. Prevent social distraction by putting into place a social strategy map.

To learn more about creating a Social Strategy Map, download a free copy of the Social Strategy Map eBook.

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