Creating a Unified Product Development Process with OneDesk

February 14, 2013 Comments
Creating a Unified Product Development Process with OneDesk

In today’s customer-driven marketplace, customers ultimately own the conversation around products and services. This behavioural trend has dramatically transformed the relationship between customers and companies. As a result, organizations are searching for better ways to become a social business- by unlocking customer insight related to their products, effectively integrating this data into the product development process and ultimately delivering products that meet the market’s needs.

With this in mind, the question remains: How can organizations successfully create customer engagement, enable collaboration and enhance productivity, all in one centralized place?

There is one software vendor in the space that hopes to answer that question and ultimately change the way that organizations develop product and services for the better. With a full suite of tightly integrated social business applications, OneDesk is a Unified Product Platform that includes:

  • Customer feedback management
  • Idea management
  • Help desk
  • Requirements management
  • Project management
  • Issue tracking
  • Product roadmapping

OneDesk also has built-in cutting-edge social collaboration tools including email, chat, blogs, wikis, discussions, and real-time requests and notifications that keeps customers, business partners and employees constantly connected throughout the course of product development. It also includes a built-in social media monitoring tool so organizations can monitor their brands on Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

Integration: The Key To Building a Social Business

The key to creating a social business is to be able to identify core business processes that can be tied together to create transparency, and open the lines of communication between customers, employees and business partners. Furthermore, designing your business model to be adaptable to changing dynamics and unexpected issues or problems that may arise throughout the course of product development can be challenging.

Though there are many applications out there that enable you to manage these processes individually, there are very few that allow for the seamless integration of these business processes. Without this integration, organizations run the risk of losing or miscommunicating important insight as they transmit information from one stage of development to the next. Since everything inside of OneDesk is traceable and can be shared with all stakeholders, you can create, manage and build upon your product related information without ever having to worry about information falling through the cracks.

Guest post by Catherine Constantinides – Catherine is the Social Marketing Specialist at OneDesk, a developer of social business applications that connect the customer to the product development process. She is also a regular contributor on OneDesk’s blog and the host of OneDesk’s Weekly Webinar series. Follow her company on Twitter @OneDeskApp to learn more.

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