Hi! Welcome to Social Business News! I am Michael Brito and I am the quote, unquote editor of this site. The goal for Social Business News is to provide very relevant and actionable content for business leaders, enterprise marketers, IT, customer support and the agencies that service them. This is the no fluff zone – we are not selling anything here.

We’re also not necessarily looking for 1,000 word thought leadership posts (unless you have time to write it).  We want short but valuable posts that enlighten readers, provide value, provide actionable next steps and enforces critical thinking. Each post should state a fact (or something in the news) and then expresses an opinion.

If you are still interested, we are looking for contributors to write about the following:

  • Social CRM – methodologies, frameworks, processes, theories and technologies about social CRM; as well as strategies for implementing, deploying or managing social CRM capabilities.
  • Social Customer – case studies, ideas, theories that discuss the growing influence of the social customer and their impact on business, the brand and its operations. Here are a few examples (example 1, example 2).
  • Community & Collaboration – techniques, vendor reviews, case studies of companies using community and collaboration software to engage employees, customers and partners. And, also taking the collective feedback from the community and innovating their products and services.
  • Governance – legal issues that companies are dealing with to include social media policies, guidelines, training, employee and human resources challenges. Topics should also include internal processes for organizations expanding globally, crisis management, moderation, customer support integration, and measurement philosophies.
  • Culture & Leadership – processes for change management, general leadership, culture, human resource management, recruiting, employee engagement and ideas on how to create a collaborative workforce.
  • Vendor Reviews – cursory or in depth reviews of social CRM (Nimble, Sales Force, Sugar CRM), Social Relationship Management (Sprinklr, Syncapse, Spredfast), Collaboration (Tibbr, Clearvale, Yammer), Online Monitoring & Analytics (Radian6, Sysomos, Visible Technologies) and Community (Lithium, Jive) based vendors.

Here are the basic requirements:

  • Have a point of view. Be critical. Provide value. Have a sense of humor.
  • At a minimum, we would like two posts per month commitment. We will put together a content calendar and share on Google Docs.
  • Unique content. Our goal is to make this a premier destination for social business, social organization, enterprise 2.0 (or, whatever you want to call it) content. So we would appreciate unique content, no reprints and we don’t syndicate. Linking to your personal blogs or other content is completely okay as long as it’s relevant.
  • Collaboration with other contributors, specifically sharing each other’s articles via social channels. We will create a private Facebook group for collaboration.

And, if you are feeling really brave and have some free time on your hands, we are also looking for co-editors for each of the above categories. This person(s) will be responsible for managing the content and the schedule for the contributors for each category. Let us know if you are interested.

I am also writing a book, Participation Marketing: Mobilizing Employees to “Participate” & Tell The Brand Story coming in 2017.