Community Management Must Be Considered A Strategic Imperative #CMAD

January 28, 2013 Comments
Community Management Must Be Considered A Strategic Imperative #CMAD

Hats off to the team over at Get Satisfaction. They just released a very cool infographic in light of Community Manager Appreciation Day.  Make no mistake that community managers must be considered a strategic imperative for business today as they do so much more that post content and respond to questions.

While many think that “community management” is just a tactical job function, I believe that front line community managers are actually driving social business adoption, within their companies and/or for their clients. Last year’s 2012 State of Community Management report clearly illustrates this point and the report’s findings are probably even more relevant today than they were last year.

Community managers do more than just manage a content calendars and respond to tweets/messages all day. They are also in the drivers seat of deploying fully robust social CRM programs. They are engaging day to day with the customer. They are working with technology platforms and making critical technical decisions.  They are gathering and reporting analytics. They are creating workflows and feedback loops with other, internal teams including customer support. And, they are also advocating on behalf of customers back to the business; and on behalf of employees back to management for internal community initiatives. They are doing it all and it’s not easy. Plus, they have so many hats …. so go give your community manager a hug! He or she deserves it.

Click here to see all the real time #CMAD chatter happening right now!

  • Kevin Dean

    Great infographic and even better message! Community Management is a must! Thanks Mike

    • Michael Brito

      Thanks for the feedback Kevin!

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