Common Sense Of A Social Media Policy

June 11, 2012 Comments
Common Sense Of A Social Media Policy

As organizations today struggle with social media policies and guidelines that govern employee behavior on the social web, medical director Farris Timimi from the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media breaks it down in 12 words. Much of it is common sense which we all know isn’t always so common these days when dealing on the Internet.

Don’t lie, don’t pry,

Don’t cheat, can’t delete,

Don’t steal, don’t reveal.

And, if it’s not 12 easy words, it could be a fun video like below.

Image: Stockfresh Papers

  • Lisa Fields

    Thank you for writing this post. It’s critical for
    organizations to design a social medial policy. This is just as important for
    the employee as it is for the employer. Farris Timimi M.D. gave us a creative
    and practical tool to help us quickly remember guidelines that are important
    for professionals to remember as our professional and personal lives continue
    to weave together.


    The fun video you source is simply brilliant. Could you please share the
    names of the creator(s) of this video? The information contained in the video
    is currant, accurate, and it is memorial in the way that it snaps, crackles and
    pops. While created for the Australian citizens I know the appeal is going to
    have a global impact. 

  • ShariRoberts

    Absolutely love this social media policy video – it sets the right tone and common sense practices.  Well done.

  • elliotspudmom

    Can’t help wondering, did Mr. Brito have the Department’s permssion to post its video? It looks like it was wiritten for the Department’s employees, not for the general public.

    • Michael Brito

      Interesting comment. Why would I need permission when the video itself was posted on Youtube?

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