Candidate Engagement Through Social Media

January 23, 2012 Comments
Candidate Engagement Through Social Media

Companies that foster a strong sense of community among employees are now really into leveraging social media for increasing interaction and improving collaboration. Employees or friends at every level, the more they know about each other, the more connected they feel. And especially in case of employees, when they are connected to colleagues and team members, they are more likely to be engaged and contribute to business success.

One of the objectives of Engagement is letting others know who you are. Then why does it not start with candidates who could be potential employees?  Especially when a candidate evaluates a company on the basis of his experience throughout his recruitment process. The question of what happens next after initial interviews, who and when should they contact to know the status, no responses for emails and phone calls- these all create unnecessary ambiguity in a candidate’s mind. After all candidates have the liberty to get feedback on their interview. That way they can work on improving!

Well, when you get 1000 or more applications for one single job, it would be tough though to respond to each and every applicant. Even if you spend time on this, it becomes a question of what is the return you get out of it. Employers need to decide between minimizing the cost and time involved in this process or focusing on improving the quality and experience of a candidate throughout their job application.  Well, this is the new era of Talent Engagement!!

For example, PepsiCo Inc. American multinational corporation, world’s second largest food and beverages company,  receives thousands of applications everyday and is making itself available to the candidates community through social medias like LinkedIn, Facebook , Twitter and other social media tools. In addition to the various functional jobs & career groups in LinkedIn, PepsiCo has a Human Resources Jobs & Career group that helps candidates connect with PepsiCo HR, learn about all the jobs they are hiring for and invites potential candidates to contact them.

Chris Hoyt- ‘The Recruiter Guy’ is a Talent Engagement & Marketing Leader at PepsiCo says that they are using Twitter, Facebook or other social media not as a tool for broadcasting/advertising the job opportunities but as a conversation tool to facilitate the connections.

In the below picture you can see candidate’s queries and concerns being addressed in Pepsico twitter’s account and also receiving a confirmation for their submitted application.

Their expert sourcing team has been trained on how on to become digitally savvy and be active through social media. This helps them share information about what is going on in their company, tell us about their company culture and to invite and engage prospective employees.

Through Facebook ,PepsiCo  is not just merely publishing news about their products but involving and encouraging their fans to talk about their experiences being an end consumer,  getting suggestions and product reviews  and engaging them by asking trivia or fun questions like’ When it comes time for a break in the day, are you more likely to sip on a drink or snack on some chips?’. At the same time a jobseeker can get updates on his job application status as well.

Employers have realized the significance of engaging candidates and giving them the transparency on what’s happening in their company and what makes their company a great place to work. Here is where technology makes sourcing easier than ever and the social media plays a huge role in creating a platform for job seekers and employers to connect with each other. Through use of social media and mobile networking employers made themselves available and really made a difference in candidate experience throughout their job search.

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